Outdoor explosion-proof fireproof safety cabinet/Chemical Safety Storage Container

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Laboratory Furniture, Laboratory Furniture
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Commercial Furniture
Stainless Steel
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China, Shanghai, China (Mainland)
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Safety Cabinet
Commercial Furniture
The storage of flammable, hazardous and toxic liquids
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10000 Set/Sets per Month
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plywood and wooden case, or as your request
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Lead Time :
Quantity(Sets) 1 - 5 6 - 100 101 - 1000 >1000
Est. Time(days) 7 15 30 To be negotiated
Product Description
Product brand: BERFECT

Product model: PT-7987

Product size:  custom

Storage cabinet material and style:

Roof: Arched insulated roof. With drain groove.

Cabinet: The whole cabinet has a 1.2 cold-rolled steel frame structure with a bottom reinforcement and can be equipped with a roller.

Outer size specifications: W1100 x D750 x H1970 (mm)

Double door The split structure according to the size of the cabinet. 2-point linkage lock. Piano hinges.

Main frame: square steel of 50*50*40mm. All welded structure, double-layer steel plate welding.

Bottom structure: The bottommost outer steel plate is tiled, 80*80*40mm square steel is 40cm apart in the depth direction, with a fireproof cotton in the middle, the upper steel plate or galvanized steel plate is laid, and the upper part of the steel plate can be placed on the anti-leakage platform.

Base structure: 1 ton universal wheel * 4 with brakes.

Leverage pedal specifications: Wide 900* deep 1000mm makes it easy for goods and carts to enter the operating room.

Leverage pedal style: Steel plate and steel welding, the highest height: 300mm and the lowest part of the entrance door.

Spraying: anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation spray

Configuration: Two steel-clad polyethylene recycling boxes are configured inside. The door is a shelf for things and requires customer size. The top is a suspended fire extinguisher. One.

                    The back panel is a component box hanger. 5

Accessories: explosion-proof fans, explosion-proof air conditioners, rescue equipment, anti-leakage equipment, alarm devices, etc.

product manual:

1: 1.2mm steel double-wall structure with 38mm isolation gas layer, fire-proof cotton in the middle, all welded, non-rive structure makes it have longer use time, because the air gap is reduced, it can provide better protection during fire. .

 2: After pickling and phosphating before and after spraying, it is coated with epoxy and polyester mixed anti-chemical lead-free layer to maintain high gloss and minimize the effects of corrosion and moisture and ultraviolet light. Red and blue The cabinets are made of fluorocarbon spray with imported powder.

 3: The continuous piano hinge facilitates smooth closing.

 4: Three-point linkage locks the contents of the safe protective cabinet, and reserves the padlock (can be equipped with a padlock) to increase safety. The unique grip pad provides reliable holding power.

 5: Eye-catching reflective label with high visibility in case of fire.

 6: Welded baffle hooks connect the baffles to provide maximum slip resistance. Not easy to damage.

 7: The laminate has a load capacity of 150 kg. With a unique safety angle design, the laminate securely guides the accidental splash of liquid to the bottom of the leak-proof reservoir. The tank height is 51mm and meets EPA requirements.

 8: The built-in grounding connector is located on the outer panel of the side panel for easy grounding.

 9: Adjustable horizontal feet for smoothing on uneven ground. Built-in flame-retardant vents on both sides of the cabinet for better ventilation and exhaust.

 10: Special size cabinets can be customized according to customer requirements to meet site requirements.

 Beffort's mobile explosion-proof warehouse is a large mobile explosion-proof chemical warehouse specialized in storing dangerous chemicals, chemical reagents and flammable and explosive materials. Compared to traditional explosion-proof warehouses, the advantages of the Behrfort BERFECT mobile explosion-proof warehouse are:

1, more economical: can save a lot of cost, because there is no need for civil construction, no need to build a factory, so save a lot of money.

2, more environmentally friendly: Beffort's BERFECT mobile explosion-proof warehouse materials are environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and the mobile explosion-proof warehouse does not need to change and damage the surrounding environment, and it can reflect the concept of environmental protection.

3, save more approval process: If the traditional type of explosion-proof warehouse, it requires civil construction, which requires many government departments to approve and seal, but the Beffort BERFECT mobile explosion-proof warehouse does not need these, as long as there is a piece of open space can be used directly .

4, can improve the use of land. In large industrial areas, each enterprise has open space, but these open spaces cannot be used without approval by the relevant departments of the national land department and industrial parks. However, as a movable explosion-proof warehouse, they can be used directly on the open space in the factory. of.

5, more safe: the overall structure of the Beffort BERFECT mobile explosion-proof warehouse is explosion-proof, it is a double-layer explosion-proof structure, filled with fireproof cotton in the middle, all electrical appliances are composed of explosion-proof structure, with professional explosion-proof fan ventilation and explosion-proof air conditioning cooling There is a professional anti-fire alarm device.

6, more professional: we have many years of experience in the production of explosion-proof products, each product has gone through the inspection process before leaving the factory, in the training before the use of the product, to the various alarm devices in the process of product use, and finally to the emergency of dangerous accidents The solution, the most basic starting point for all our products: safety, health, environmental protection, convenience, and money saving.

Another note:

1: fire rescue

Each cabinet is equipped with heat insulation, insulated gloves, insulated boots, fire extinguishers, and fire blankets. There are boxes on the side of the cabinet to store rescue equipment.

2: Chemical leakage

Each cabinet is equipped with a box of absorbent cotton. A set of chemical protective clothing. If there is a chemical leak, it can be directly absorbed to avoid secondary pollution. If there is a water source, add a set of shower equipment. Prevent chemical splashes.

3: Warning signs:

A single cabinet is labeled with a luminous warning label. Avoid obstacles to transport at night.

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